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BP Major was born in Sydney, Australia and started his career at the age of 9 acting on Australian TV. He appeared on many soaps and national TV Commercials.  

His career in Australia evolved into one of Sydney's leading dancers and performers. In Australia he worked with Kylie & Dannii Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Marcia Hines, Jimmy Barnes, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, He was in the musical "Grease - the arena spectacular as understudy to Miguel Ayesa as Sonny, performed in the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic games with Kylie Minogue and performed at the Opening of Fox studio's Australia. 

 BP moved to Stockholm where he was a top finalist in the TV show "Popstars" and continued to record music and perform over Europe. He moved to London and continued to record music and perform and also spent time in Bollywood where he worked on 2 hit Bollywood films as a lead dancer starring Amitabh Bachchan ,

His career spans over 3 decades and he has starred on the stage and film. Since moving to the USA, BP has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga,  Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, and  Ron Howard to name a few.

He most recently  starred in a David Bowie Rock Opera called Hunky Dory, as well as starring in the hit play “A Big Gay Wedding” at Crown City Theatre in North Hollywood.

“I am an artist on a mission to fulfill not only my childhood dreams but what I believe is my destiny. We are all put on this earth to do something, to make a difference, for a reason. For me, at this moment in my life, I believe I am here to provide a powerful voice to the ongoing battle for equal human rights. I feel the best way for me to express my thoughts & beliefs is through my music and by delivering the most MAJOR shows possible. I know that a MAJOR show won’t change the world, but it may help you escape from yours, even for a moment. It may also remind you or evoke emotions inside you to help you understand exactly what you are here to do - and inspire you to go do it!”